Quick Start Guide - NCL Accounting

Hello there! This is a quick start guide for NCL Accounting specially made for those who have never used our system before but quickly want to jump in head-first.

If you are looking to learn more on the navigation within the system, see Navigation in NCL Accounting

Also visit our Support Center for more detailed guides.

First, in order to do anything, you need to log in to the NCL Accounting. You may access the log in page here: https://apps.ncltec.com. Then, enter you Account ID and Password.

sign in

Doesn't have an account? Don't worry because now you can sign up anytime, anywhere. And did we mention that it is totally FREE? Visit our website at www.ncltec.com and subscribe to your free accounting today!

To learn more about our monthly package, please visit NCL Accounting Monthly Plan.

NCL Accounting is a user-friendly accounting system built to take the hard work out of accounting so that you can focus on a bigger thing - managing your business.

But before you could issue a purchase order or a sales invoice, you may need to configure your company settings as the details will appear in any documents that your company issues to either the suppliers or the customers.

To configure your company profiles, please navigate to Settings > Company Profiles.

company profile

Enter all the required fields that are marked with a *. To upload you company's logo, simply click on the icon and select the file that you wish to upload.

Once you are done, hit the Save button to commit the changes made.

A sales invoice is a document that you send to your customers in order to initiate payment for the goods you sold or services that your company provided.

Not only that, sales invoices also provide you with a way to track the date for the goods sold, how much money was paid or if the invoice has any outstanding debts.

You can issue new invoice to the customer by navigating to Sales > Sales Invoices > .

To be able to issue an invoice, you first need to create a customer account/supplier account. You may do so with our quick add feature: Quick Add New Customer and Quick Add New Supplier.

sales invoice new

Once you are in the Entry page, please enter all the required details marked with a *. Then, click on the Save button.

And...congratulations, you just successfully created your first sales invoice in the system.

You can also create, edit and delete the customers and suppliers records from the main modules. You may refer to Create, Edit and Delete Customers and Create, Edit and Delete Suppliers for more information.

Don't know how to record your supplier invoice? Don't worry. You can learn everything about the Supplier Invoices module here: Purchase Transactions..