Purchase Transaction

Modules Description
Purchase Requests Purchase requests serve as an authorization document from your employees to proceed with the purchase. Alternatively, it is also called purchase requisition.
Purchase Orders Creating a purchase order is optional. It is a document send as a step to purchase one or more items from a supplier at the specified price. You need to enter a purchase order into the system in order to have record of the order you are placing with the supplier.
Goods Received Notes You can use this module to record the deliveries that you have received from the supplier.
Supplier Invoices When you receive an invoice from the supplier for the received goods, you may record the invoice into the system from this module.

You can create new purchase requests by going to the Purchase menu > Purchase Requests > . If you are in the Listing page, you can directly click on the button.

In the Entry screen, please enter all the required details marked with a *. Add new line of item by clicking on the Add button.

purchase requests new

Remember that when you are processing and the system detects no activity for 30 minutes, the system logs off for security reasons.

Below is the Entry page for the Purchase Orders module. To create a new record, click on the button from your Listing screen.

From the Supplier* drop-down menu, select the supplier account. If you haven't created a supplier account, you may refer to these two guides to help you get started: Quick Add New Supplier and Create, Edit and Delete.

Fields that are marked with a * are compulsory to be filled. To add new line of item, simply click on the Add button.

purchase order new

If you have previously created a purchase request for the supplier, you can click on the Transfer from Purchase Request as shown below:

transfer document

Check the box of the desired document(s) next to and click OK.

transfer document

The Goods Received Notes module provides an easy way of recording the deliveries you have received into the system. To go to the Entry page, please click on the button.

Complete all the compulsory field marked with a *. To add new line of item, please click on the Add button.

If you would like to edit a purchase order, you can do so by clicking on the Ref. No. in the Listing page. In the case that you are still not familiar with our accounting environment, don't fret. You can always refer to our navigation 101.

grn new

Similar to Purchase Orders, if you have produced either a purchase request or a purchase order for a supplier, you may directly transfer the record into the goods received notes. From the Transfer from drop-down menu, select the module for which you wish to transfer the record from.

transfer document

Below is the Entry screen for the Supplier Invoices module. You can either choose an existing supplier account from the Supplier* drop-down or add a new supplier.

All the compulsory fields are marked with a *. Once you are done, click the Save button to store the record.

supplier invoice new

Once you have selected a supplier account, you will be able to transfer your purchase request, purchase order or goods received note for that particular supplier into the invoice screen as shown below:

transfer document