Stock Maintenances

Modules Description
Locations You can create new locations for your stock items using this module.
Stock Groups You are able to create new categories to group your items together. This is done mainly for reporting purposes.
Stock Items You may add new or view current stock items from this module.
Item Opening Balances You may enter the opening balance of your item when you first use the system. Note that, you will only have to capture it once. The value for the subsequent year will be automatically brought forward.

To create locations, go to the Inventory menu > Locations.

Click on the button and enter all the required details marked with a *.

Don't forget to save your record once you are done!


Stock items can be grouped together to make it more convenient for you to retrieve a more specific report.

Stock groups are set up by going to Inventory menu > Stock Groups.

Enter all the information and then click Save.

stock groups

Stock items are any goods or products that you buy and sell. In order to use the Sales module and the Purchase module, you first need to create stock items in your inventory.

You may access the module by navigating to Inventory menu > Stock Items and you will be directed to the Listing page as shown below:

stock items listing

In the Listing page, you are able to do the following:

You can edit a record by clicking on the Code.

To delete a record, check the box next to Code and click on the button. You can also delete all the records by selecting the check box located on the top-left of the screen.

You will not be able to delete stock item records that has transactions associated to it. If it is not in used, you may change the status of the stock item to Obsolete.

Record New Stock Items

To record new stock item, go to the Entry page by clicking on the button.

In the Entry screen, enter the Name* of your stock item, the Code* as well as Stock Group*.

stock items new

If you are not using a stock control for your items, you may uncheck the Stock Control check box. Otherwise, please choose the costing method for your items. Default costing method would be FIFO.

Serial No.

Dealing with stock items that contain serial number can be quite a hassle as you need to ensure the records are easily searchable and accessible.

In NCL Accounting, you can create serial number for you stock items in Stock Items module by checking the box next to Contain Serial No as shown below:

contain serial no

Create Service Items

Service items are non-physical items that you buy and sell. For example, a cleaning services company may enter stock and non-stock items to track their cleaning supplies but they can also use NCL Accounting to enter service items for other work done such as the number of hours or type of cleaning perform.

To record this, you may also use the Stock Items module.

If you just started using our system and you have stock on hand that you wish to record into the system, then you may enter the amount in the Items Opening Balance module. This would help ensure accurate inventory position for your items.

Below is the Listing for the items opening balance where you are able to view the total amount of the items in all locations:

items opening balance listing

To record opening balance for new items, you may click on the Location Code.

You will be prompted with the below screen if it is a newly-created location:

items opening balance new

Enter the date of the opening balance in the As Of* field and then click the OK button.

In the Entry page, fill in the required details such as Item Code*, Quantity*, Unit Cost* and Amount*. Alternatively, you may also import your items opening balance into the system by clicking on the Import button.

items opening balance new