Debit Notes

You can send a debit notes to your customer as an adjustment for undercharged goods or services. If you are dealing with inventory, you can create your debit note by going to SALES menu > Debit Notes.

In the Listing page, you are able to delete the debit notes created, print the debit notes or export them into excel format.

Should you wish to filter the display result, you may do so by selecting from on or more criteria from the available fields: Customer, and Doc Date.

add customer

If you would like to edit a debit note, you can do so by clicking on the Debit Note No.

To delete the records, check the box next to Date and click on the button. You can also delete all the records by selecting the check box located on the top-left of the screen.

However, please note that, you won't be able to edit/delete records that have been voided, returned, paid, gst bad debt relief or within the locked period.

Click on the button in the Listing page to create a new debit note in the system.

add customer

Select the customer account from the Customer* field. If you haven't created the customer account before, please refer to our Quick Add New Customer guide.

Then, enter all the required field marked with a *. To add new line of item under the Item Code*, click on the Add button.

Ensure that all the information entered is correct and then, click Save to store your record.