AR Invoices

As explained before, all the modules under AR are related to Chart of Accounts (COA). You can use these modules if your business does not deal with any inventories.

AR Invoices is located under the AR menu. In the AR Invoices, you can create new invoices as well as edit and delete invoices that has been created in the application.

This is the AR Invoice Listing. Here, you can view previous created invoices and even filter the displayed result based on the following criteria: Customer, Doc Date, Type, Date, and Payment Method.

ar invoice listing

To edit an invoice, simply click on the Invoice No and you will be directed back to the Entry screen. Once you've made the changes, please click the Save button to commit the changes..

Delete the invoice by checking on the box next to the Date. Next, click on the button to delete.

You can also Print or Export the invoices listing in .pdf or excel format respectively.

However, please note that, you won't be able to edit/delete records that have been voided, returned, paid, gst bad debt relief or within the locked period.

Are you ready to record your invoices now? Navigate to AR menu > AR Invoices > . You will be directed to the Entry screen.

If you have created your customer account, you can select it from the drop-down menu under the Customer* field. If you haven't, worry not. You can follow our Quick Add New Customer guide.

Enter all the required information marked by *.

To add new Account Code*, click on the Add icon. Once you are done, click Save to store your record. And, you just successfully created your first of many invoices using NCL Accounting.

ar invoices

Do yo know that you can check related documents for each record created? Yes, you can. To learn more on this and many other functions within our accounting system, check out our navigation guide.