AP Invoices

When you receive goods along with an invoice from your supplier, you may want to record the invoice into the system. To do this, you can either choose to record using our AP module or Purchase module depending on your needs.

You can access AP Invoices by navigating to the AP module > AP Invoices.

The Listing page lets you view previous created records. You are able to delete the records made, store the record listing in .pdf format and export the record in excel.

ap invoices listing

If you have already set up your supplier account, you can proceed to create your supplier invoice by clicking on the from the Listing page. However, if you haven't, you may refer to our Quick Add New Supplier guide.

ap invoices new

Once you are in the Entry page as shown above, please enter all the required fields marked with a *.

To add new Account Code*, click on the Add icon. Select the Chart of Accounts (COA) for the invoice. Click on the Save button to store the record. And with that, you are done!