User Access Permissions

User access permission is like an access card that you provided for your employees in order for them to use the modules within the system. In NCL Accounting, role is a collection of users that are assigned access rights or permission by an administrator to perform similar actions or functions. However, you may only assign your user to one role per company.

To assign user roles, you can go to Settings menu > User Roles.

Once you are in the Listing page as shown below, you are able to view a list of previous created roles and the description:.

user roles listing

Add New User Role

To set up new user role, please click on the button in the Listing page. Then, fill in the Role* and the Description fields.

If you want to grant a user permission to all modules, simply click on the Set all to Full access button. As you may have noticed by now, the functions boxes for all modules are checked.

To reverse this, you may click on the Set all to No access button.

However, if you want to grant a user permission to specific modules and functions, select the check boxes next to the category column.

new user roles

Click on the Save button to save the user role created.