Transfer Funds

With NCL Accounting, you can record your fund transfer transaction from one Cash and Bank Accounts to another with the Transfer Funds module. For example, if you have made a transfer from your Current Account to your Petty Cash, you may record it in the system.

View list of previous created records by going to Cash menu > Transfer Funds and you will be directed to the Listing page as shown below:

transfer funds listing

Here, you are able to edit or delete the records that you have created in the system previously. To do so, just click on the Ref. No.

To delete a record, you can check the box next to Date and click on the button. You can also delete all the records by selecting the check box located on the top-left of the screen.

You may also print the records in .pdf or export them into excel format.

You won't be able to edit/delete records that have been cleared in Bank Reconciliation or within the locked period. To delete, please undo the Bank Reconciliation or change your Lock Date in Preferences.

To create new transfer fund, navigate to the Entry page by clicking on the from the Listing page.

transfer funds new

Once you are in the Entry page, select the Transfer Method* from the drop-down list. You may enter the Cheque No if you have made the transfer from a cheque. You can also add Transfer No of the transaction for your future reference.

From the Transfer From* drop-down list, select the account that you have made the transfer from. Then, enter the amount that have been transferred.

Next, select the account the you have transferred the amount into from the Transfer To* drop-down list. You may noticed now that the remark field has been automatically filled.

Click Save to store your record.