Stock Reports

Reports Description
Stock Ageing Shows you the number of stock items in hand, which has been holding over a period. You can see the stock items balances and the recurring costs of each particular stock item.
Stock Balance Stock balance report shows your current up-to-date stock balances and their cost in the system.
Stock Card Stock card report allows you to retrieve and review all your past and current stock items transactions. You are able to see your costs and balances in this report.
Stock Movement Stock movement report allows you to inquire the movement of your stock items; the stock items IN/OUT quantity.
Stock Physical Worksheet Stock physical worksheet becomes essential whenever you are to do a stock Item-take for your warehouse. The book quantity of your stock items will be shown in this report and a blank physical quantity column and adjusted quantity column is provided to record the figures to compare if any discrepancies are found.
Stock Profitability Stock profitability report allows you to retrieve the daily profit margin of stock items.
Stock Reorder Advice Stock reorder advice report will show you stock items which are in needs of reordering. It is based on the reorder level you specified per stock item in Stock Items Maintenance.