Setting Up Your POS

NCL Point-of-Sale is fully integrated with our NCL Accounting software which included modules such as Sales, Purchases and Inventory. When you started using NCL Point-of-Sale, there are a few things that you would need to configure in order to be able to use the system.

To configure the POS system, you will need to log in to NCL Accounting using your Account ID and Password.

pos homepage

Once logged in, you may notice a POS menu located right after the Settings menu. Under the POS tab, you are able to set up your preference and terminal, add point-of-sale users and keep track of your businesses with our reporting features.

The first thing you need to do before you are able to use the POS is to set up the location. You may do so by navigating to Inventory menu > Locations. You will then be directed to the screen as shown below:

pos locations

Enter all the required fields that are marked with a *.

To enable this location in the point-of-sale, simply click on the Using POS checkbox located at the bottom of the screen. Then, hit the Save button.

After you have successfully created the location, you will now proceed to set up a terminal for the location. Navigate to POS menu > Terminal.

pos terminals

Enter all the required fields that are marked with a * such as Code*, Name*, Receipt Template*, Location* and Number* for you starting receipt number.

To add the company address and logo in the receipt, simply tick the Include address in receipt and Include Company Logo in receipt check boxes.

Once you are done, click on the Save button.

You may adjust some of the settings of your NCL Point-of-Sale such as Tax Types and Payment Types by navigating to Preference under the POS menu.

pos preference

You may change the setting according to your preferences. However, do note that, the default value for Accounting is 5000/000: Sales. This is important to ensure correct posting from the COA to NCLTEC Accounting.

As for the Payment Types, we recommend you to put your payments in the bank accounts under the Account* column.

To add new user for your POS system, please navigate to POS menu > Users. In the Users Listing, you can maintain users and assign access rights to them according to your needs.

If you wish to add new user for your accounting system, simply click on the button.

pos users

Enter all the necessary information such as Name*, User Account ID*, and Password*. Then, click Save.

You may change the user's password and the assigned access rights by clicking on the Account ID.

And that's it! You are done and now ready to create item for your Point-of-Sale system.