Purchase Reports

The supplier Purchase Report lists the item as well as the amount of orders that you have placed with various suppliers during a particular period. You can use this information to analyze and manage your purchasing volume with your suppliers.

To track the purchase made according to supplier, please navigate to thePurchase menu > Purchase Report by Supplier.

You may filter the display result based on the following criteria: Doc Date, Supplier Group, Supplier, Tag Group, Stock Group, and Item Code. You are able to drill down to the transactions by clicking on the Doc. No..

To print the report, click on the Print button. This will open your report in a .pdf format. You may also export the report in excel.

purchase report by supplier

Our reporting feature also lets you to view purchase report pertaining to a certain item. You can do so by navigating to the Purchase menu > Purchase Report by Item.

To filter the display result, select one or more criteria from the following fields: Doc Date, Stock Group, Supplier, Item Code, and Tag Group. You can view the details of the transaction by clicking on the Doc. No.

Clicking on the Print button lets you save your report in .pdf format whereas exporting the records allows you to keep records in excel file.

purchase report by item