Make Payments

When you make payment to your supplier, you will need to record the payment as a proof of the payment that you have made for the goods received. To do this, you can use our Make Payments module under AP.

In the Listing page, you are able to delete previous created records, store the list of the payment made in .pdf or export the list in excel format.

You can filter the display results based on the following criteria: Supplier, and Doc Date.

make payment listing

To record the payment made, navigate to the Entry page by clicking on the button from the Listing screen.

Next, select the supplier from the drop-down menu under the Supplier* field. You will now be able to see a list of outstanding invoices at the bottom section of the screen.

Enter all the required information that is marked with a *.

Then, select the outstanding invoice that you wish to apply the payment made by checking the box next to the Invoice No.

make payment new

Do yo know that you can print cheque according to your bank of choice directly from the Make Payment module? To learn more on this and many other functions within our accounting system, check out our navigation guide.

When you have made a payment to your supplier but somehow the payment are reversed by your bank, you would have to record it in the system as the supplier bill received for that particular payment needs to be showing as unpaid.

To do this, you may use the Return Payment function as shown below:

return payment

Simply check the box next to Return Payment and select the Date*. Entering a Reason is optional but for your future reference, it is advisable for you to do so.