Tracking Your Business Progress

Company Snapshot

The Company Snapshot report gives you an overall summary of how your business is performing, along with the ability to track your customer ageing as well as expenses of your business. Therefore, you can monitor the money coming in and going out of your company.

To access the report, go to the G. Ledger menu > Company Snapshot.

There are five sections in the Company Snapshot:

  • In the top-left box, you will see a graphical representation of your income and expenses for each month.
  • The top-right box will show your Cash and Bank Account Summary, including the available balance.
  • The bottom-left box shows a pie graph of the 10 expenses for a selected period.
  • The bottom-right box lists all the Customers who owe you money and their current open balance amount.
  • The bottom-right box corner shows all the Suppliers you owe money to and your current open balance with them.
company snapshot