Company Settings

The company settings is the operation center of our NCL Accounting. This is where you can manage users and maybe do a little bit of customization to help make our system feel like home. You can access the company settings under the Setting menu.

The setting menu is divided into two sections:

  • General Maintenances
  • User Maintenances

Maintenances Description
Company Profile This page is where you can edit the details which you had created when you first registered. You can learn more on this HERE under the Continue on an Existing Company tab.
Currency Currency page offers the list of currencies that you will be using for your business. The default base currency is MYR Ringgits.
Document Numbers You can view and make changes for all the document numbers that will be used in future transaction. Checking the Editable on Screen allows you to edit the number on the transaction screen.
The initial document numbers in the system will generally start with “0001”.
Customized Document Numbers You can customize preferred document running number according to either location or tag. However, document type that is set to Editable on Screen is not allowed to be customized.
Payment Terms This section shows the list of payment terms available and you are more than welcome to customize it accordingly.
Preferences In this page, you are able to view and manage five categories: Account Defaults, Inventory Defaults, Tax Settings, Financial Settings and Other Settings. Do note that, to ensure smooth and headache-free accounting experience, we strongly advise you not to change the default value of the fields.
Salesperson In this page, you can view and add salesperson in your company.
Tags Tags allow you to create grouping for your business transactions. Just another way to help organize your business.
Tag Groups This screen allows you to categorize the tags you have created. You are allowed to categorize several tags under a tag group. You are also allowed to have a same tag categorize under different tag group.
Tax Here is a list to all the GST codes in Malaysia. The list can be updated from time to time but we strongly suggest you not to change any default values.
UOM This section shows the list of UOM (units of measurement) available for you. Feel free to add more if you like.

Here is a simple version to help you get the idea of what our user maintenances are about. For more details explanation, you can check our ADMINISTRATION section.

Maintenances Description
Users You can maintain all your users and assign access right to them here in this screen.
User Roles This section lets you manage the user roles for your NCL Accounting. The permissions of the modules is based on the settings of each role.
User Activity Logs User activity log displays all the activities done by the user. In this page, you will be able to track who have updated the records and therefore, helps you in making sure everything is in check.
Recent Transactions In the recent transactions' screen, you are able to monitor the transactions made and created by the users in the system.