Cash Sales

Cash sales are sales in which the payment obligation of your customer is settled at once. It can either be in the form of bills, coins, cheques, credit card as well as money order. A cash sale does not require you to extend credit to a customer. Thus, there is no risk of bad debt.

You can access this module by going to Sales menu > Cash Sales. Once in the Listing page, you can view a list of your previous created records. You can either delete the records, store the records in .pdf format or export them in excel.

cash sales listing

Record New Cash Sales

To create new cash sales record, you can click on the button in your Listing screen.

Enter all the required details marked with a *. To add new item, click on the Add button. Once you are done, remember to hit the Save button to store the record made.

cash sales new

If you have previously issued your customer with either a sales quotation, a sales order or a delivery order, you may transfer the record into your cash sales without having to enter the same information twice. You can do this by selecting the related record from the drop-menu under the Transfer From field.

transfer document

Next, select the record that you wish to transfer into the cash sales by checking the box next to the Date.

transfer document

Do you need to create a new record for the same customer with the same details? Try our Duplicate button feature instead of entering the record again. All this and more in our navigation guide.