Cash Receipts

The cash receipts are used in the collection of money, usually from customers, as records of sales. You may access the module by navigating to Cash menu > Cash Receipts.

Below is the Listing page for the Cash Receipts module. In the Listing page, you are able to view list of previous created records.

cash receipts listing

To edit a receipt, simply click on the Receipt No and you will be directed back to the Entry screen. Once you've made the changes, click the Save button.

You can delete the receipts by checking on the box next to the Date. Next, click on the button to delete. To clear all the records made, tick the check box located at the top-left of the screen

Besides that, you may choose to either Print or Export the invoices listing in .pdf or excel format respectively.

Note that, you won't be able to edit/delete records that have been cleared in Bank Reconciliation or within the locked period. To delete, please undo the Bank Reconciliation or change your Lock Date in Preferences.

To create new cash receipt, navigate to the Entry page by clicking on the from the Listing page.

cash receipts new

Once you are in the Entry page, fill in all the required fields marked with a *. You may either select the existing Cash and Bank Accounts from the drop-down Deposit To* or you can easily create a new one by clicking on the + Add New button.

To add new line of item, just click on the Add button.

And don't forget to Save your work!

When a customer payment is dishonored, you will need to remove the payment recorded in the receipt and reset back the amount received.

To do this, you may use the Return Payment function as shown below:

return payment

Simply check the box next to Return Payment and select the Date*. Entering a Reason is optional but for your future reference, it is advisable for you to do so.