AR Credit Notes

If you're familiar with the accounting world, we are pretty sure credit notes is not a new thing for you. For a quick recap, you will process a customer credit note when the customer returns items for either a refund or a replacement. You may process the credit notes using our AR Credit Notes module.

The value you enter into a customer credit note will reverse the values you entered into an invoice. Therefore, the amount that the customer owes you will decrease.

You can view previous created credit notes by navigating to the AR menu > AR Credit Notes. In the Listing screen, you are able to delete, print or export your list of credit notes. You may filter the display result based on the following criteria: Customer, Doc Date, Type, Date, and Payment Method.

ar credit note listing

To edit the credit note, click on the Credit Note no. and you will be directed to the Entry screen. Once you're done editing, hit the Save button to commit the changes made.

Credit notes that has been voided or refunded can no longer be edited. In order to edit the record, you will first have to cancel the refund process.

On the other hand, should you wish to delete the record made, you can do so by checking on the box next to the Date. Next, click on the button to delete.

However, please note that, you won't be able to delete records that have been voided, refunded, within the locked period or the serial number in the transaction has been used.

In order to process your credit note, you will need to create a new record of the credit note for the customer. From you Listing, click on the .

Then, select the related customer from the drop-down menu under the Customer* field. You will now be able to see a list of outstanding invoice at the bottom section of the screen. Select the related Chart of Accounts (COA) for the credit note and tick the check box next to the Invoice No to apply the credit note.

ar credit new

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