Administration Details

Under this section, we will walk you through creating new users, assigning user access rights as well as changing your password. Any changes that you make under this section will not only apply to the company that you are currently logging in, but it will also to all of the companies that you have created.

This section will be divided in to four sub-section:

  • Manage Users
  • Control User Access
  • Change Password
  • Sign Out

To access your list of users, navigate to the Settings menu > Users. In the Users Listing, you can add or delete users according to your needs. However, please note that this function is only accessible to business owner/administrator for the business.

If you wish to add new user for your accounting system, simply click on the button.

list of users

Enter all the necessary information such as Name*, User Account ID*, and Password*. Then, click Save.

add new users

You can set your user as administrator by checking the Administrator User check box. By assigning the user as administrator, the user will be granted full access rights to all companies in the application. The user will also be able to add/delete users as well as assigning them roles.

If you have more than one company and would like them to be accessible only by a certain user, then it may be helpful to assign a company to your users. This way, the users will not be able to view and access other companies besides the one that is assign to them.

Just click on the Add and you can select the company as well as the role for the user from the drop-down list.

set user 1acess

You can change your password by clicking on the Account ID and you will be directed to the User Details screen. Enter your new password and then, click Save.

If you would like to disable the user, just check the This user is no longer in use check box.

change password

In the case where you may have forgotten your password, don't be alarmed. You can always send us and email at and we will provide you with a new password in no time.